The social media is a critical infrastructure no serious leader should esteem lightly. Just like life itself, I spend considerable time to read the good, the bad and, if you like, the ugly on this space.
I have also observed the efforts by a few faceless persons who proliferate uncanny information with the intent to spread fear, disinform and distort the minds of uncritical readers. I call them “mind bugs”, and would like to propose to our people with some sort of strong following, to step into the gap to begin the process of “debugging” by standing up boldly to dispel shared ignorance.
What we consume online is of immense consequence to how we carry on with life on the physical space. There is alot to leverage on this space, a lot to learn and much more to create from the depth of our limitless minds.
Whatever be the case, I have found more reasons to deepen engagements here. Soon, the feedbacks would become more instant. I am also on Twitter and Instagram. Here are the links;
Twitter: @CCSoludo:
Nothing beats peace. Let it begin from your keypads!
CC. Soludo

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