We have prayed to God, admonished our people, and made a commitment to ensuring that everyone concerned gets expeditious justice.Following the unanimous agreement of our leaders across the board, and the endorsement of the entire body of Christ, I am pleased to inform our people that today, Monday, April 4, 2022, marks the official end to the “Monday sit-at-home” in Anambra State. Shortly, I will be announcing the membership of the Peace and Reconciliation Committee that will look into addressing all areas of sincere challenge, including interfacing with the Federal Government on behalf of all Prisoners of conscience. I have also offered Amnesty to all our brothers in the various forests around us. Give us your guns, and trust us to help you forge a meaningful living. The task of taking back our dear State and reclaiming the dignity of our collective existence is at the heart of our drive toward a Liveable and Prosperous Homeland. This task is a MUST. I call for your support and prayers, as we have resolved to fiercely go after criminal elements who are out to threaten our peace and distort our development. Anambra is the Light of the Nation, we must keep it so.CC. Soludo

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