Obinna J Nwankwo Writes from EZIAGU, Orumba South LGA

It is said that when your brother or sister dances shamefully, you start scratching your eyelids.

I am from Orumba South and what I hear about my sister Adaora Umeoji (Deputy Managing Director, DMD, of Zenith Bank) from Anambra people in Awka, Lagos and Abuja worry me stiff.

My bank, Zenith, is a respected brand but Adaora seems to be quickly rebranding it as a political bank.

For sure, Adaora has a right to support her brother to aspire to become governor of Anambra. She won’t be the first nor last banker to support a candidate. As Anambra people, we are happy that one of our own is occupying the position of DMD (how she got there is immaterial for now). My worry is that the manner she is playing her own politics may ultimately prove to be harmful to herself and our bank. I am advising her as a concerned brother from Old Aguata Union.Ada, my sister, take it easy. We as customers and shareholders need you to show that you have the maturity and emotional stability to handle the high office given to you. For now, it seems to have blown your head and you are now playing God. Be humble while occupying a transient position. The problem is that you seem to suffer from incontinent diarrhea of the mouth. You talk too much: boasting and blackmailing carelessly and shamelessly. Why is it that everyone knows everything you are doing to “help” your brother or desperate attempts to pull Soludo down? Please, just keep your mouth shut for one minute. It will do you a lot of good.

Yes, an overwhelming majority of Ndi Anambra want Soludo as their next Governor, especially at these trying times in Nigeria. Literally every other party wants him and over 95% of APGA members route for him. Hence for you, the only way your brother can have any chance is to pull Soludo down.

Everyone is discussing and quoting your boasts to spend Zenith’s money to buy up Anambra. It seems that you are now a fulltime politician hiding in Zenith. You told everyone how you travelled to the US in January and how much you claim to have spent trying to bribe people. Everyone knows that you are gallivanting around the Villa and courts, and every penny you gave to anyone is public knowledge, why?

You claim to have the support of Zenith bank and everywhere you go, you drop the name of your Chairman and friends as if partisan politics is now Zenith’s strategy for survival. You boast to everyone that you bought the House of Reps seat for your brother and House of Assembly for your inlaw, and now ready to pay billions to buy the governorship. Why is it that you boast about every penny you give to the clergy? You have boasted to everyone that you bribed law enforcement agencies with billions of Naira and urged them to fabricate any phantom allegations against Soludo and use same to harass him; probably to see if that could discourage him.

You have boasted to two prominent clergy (one in Enugu), and others that you have paid and bought over some federal agents that will “drop last minute bomb to stop Soludo”. Looool! We are waiting for you and your bomb.

Should we remind you that Soludo left public office 12 years ago without blemish? Should we remind you that Soludo is one of the few (if there is anyone else) whom the EFCC investigated and issued with a letter of clearance over eight years ago? The same Soludo was cleared in 2019 and currently serving in the presidential advisory council. In any case, even with any crazy allegations you claim to be fabricating, you would still need to go through the processes of investigation and litigation in a court of law. And unless you convict him, you can’t stop him.

Little power really intoxicates little or unstable minds.Of course, you know that Soludo is a determined warrior. At least I heard that you were a Manager at Zenith when he undertook the seemingly impossible consolidation of the banks as CBN Governor which benefitted you and Zenith. It could only have taken a man with balls to do that.

Soludo does not need to stoop to the gutter with you or lift a finger. A man decorated for three consecutive years as the best governor of central bank in the world is a global brand and national icon, and therefore should be above the fray.

But, with over 200,000 members of the 29 self-funding support groups for Soludo, there is an army of Anambra patriots who will be sufficiently incensed and ready to meet you in the ring or gutter depending on which one you choose.

Anambra is not for sale. Nor can infantile blackmail, vaulting ambition and desperation derail the destiny of Ndi Anambra especially at this critical time in Nigeria. Ndi Anambra pressured Soludo for two years to contest, and we, the people, are the ones funding this mass movement. Everyone now knows that you are the one behind two recent protests by some street miscreants against APGA, and that you are also bribing them to resort to protests and violence in the event of the imminent loss by your brother. Or, try to cause division in APGA. What if Anambra people also decide to stage a one million man march or campaign against you and your bank?

Presumed delegates are being offered cars and money provided they swear to certain deities, and some have refused or returned same. Why this extreme desperation, my sister? Just to be governor or what?

Of course, everyone knows that your brother has perfected plans to decamp after his loss. Everyone knows the opposition party/candidate he has a pact with. Knowing that your brother will lose woefully, you have paid e-rats to be spewing nonsense on social media and chanting a smokescreen by pretending to be a champion of free and fair primaries, even before the Guidelines were published.

Everyone knows how your brother “won” the current position he is occupying. When he loses, he can then find a convenient excuse to decamp. Cheap strategy! Of course, there are tens of thousands lining up to join the roaring train, APGA. Surely 95% of APGA members know who can win the election for them.

Even with all the money in the vault of Zenith, we won’t let you toy with our destiny or our deposits in Zenith

APGA will not
only win the next election in Anambra, it will win with unprecedented margins. Never a time has there been such a massive multi-party consensus and coalition around one candidate.

By the way, where are you getting the bogus sum of N20 billion you boast to be using for bribing people? We know your salary in the bank. Is it depositors’ fund? We know what happened to the commercial banks in the past when the key managers used depositors’ money to play politics. Many of us are depositors with Zenith bank. Four of my friends who are major customers have closed their accounts with Zenith in protest against the politician with the cloak of a DMD in the banking hall.

The over one million customers and shareholders of Zenith are still watching the drama. Given what we know about you, your career and activities in and outside of the bank, it is not a good idea to hide under the table in Zenith and be throwing political pebbles. A word is enough for the wise.

Once again, I advise you to stop playing God. We are praying for you. Politics will soon come and go. But if you choose to take-off the gloves, I challenge you to bring it on.

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