It is a fact that, by the end of March 2022, the second tenure of the Incumbent Governor of Anambra State will officially be coming to an end.

HE Sir Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, Akpokuedike has really done well for Ndi Anambra: Security Consciousness, remarkable improvements in Education, steady and timely Payment of Salaries and Wages, Agricultural improvements and establishments, Infrastructural development/Housing and Urban Development, Job creation, bridging the gap between the able and disabled, show of Empathy through His Wife’s CAFE and The Ministry of Women Affairs, Community Development Projects and Lighting, Monumetal Signature Projects and Beautification, Inter Denominational Harmony, Youth Participation in Government and Appointeeship, etc.

Nevertheless, in igbo Traditional Cosmology, a man’s life is evaluated by the unfolding events after he must have gone, that is why you hear things like; Azú nwokea di mma, Azú nwokea adighi mma, etc.

I think the very Anambra minded Willie Obiano already knew the above, and maybe, that is the reason he has in no way hidden his Succession Choice, in the person of “Charlie Nwa Mgbafor” (Prof C. C. Soludo).

Akpokuedike will be happy if the Anambra he shall leave behind experiences a uniform acceleration. His love for Anambra may not allow his mind some rest, if the bridge collapses behind him. Maybe that is why his “WILLIE”-Ndidi-Passes are directed towards “IHEANACHO”-Anambra)… Football lovers will relate.

In the words of Gautama Buddha;
What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine, you create.
Therefore, what else can be more patriotic, satisfying and fulfilling to Ndi Anambra and to a man who has laid the Pillars of Anambra Advancement at a time like this, than to be succeeded by A man who has never been distracted politically? A man who knew what he wants to do from the beginning, a man who has never wanted every available position in every Election in Anambra State, a man who has, and heads the State’s 50 years development plan, a man who has with consistency and without distraction_Thought Anambra, Felt Anambra and Imagined Anambra, a man who is wanted both by the State and The Federal Government.

What a doctor is, to humans, an Economist is, to The World. In this case, Anambra has the best Economist at least in Africa! An Economist who has both Theoritical and Practical experience, winning the best Central Bank Governor back to back and again,

If this is a time not to politick with the future of Anambra, our Loving Governor knows that more than all of us, if this is a time not to tread Anambra for personal interest, Our WWW.Akpokuedike is ready to withstand the machinations of the enemies of Anambra.

Who could succed Chief Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, if not Soludo?

Meanwhile, having thought of a development plan for Anambra and her future, I can say, TRULY, AKPOKUEDIKE HAS A CHANCE TO BE THE BEGINNING OF THAT WHICH BEGAN.

Obinna J Nwankwo © OBINNAORUMBA, writes from Eziagu.

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