Easter remains a period for sober reflection and ultimate sacrifices in line with what God did to save humanity. Across Anambra State, we shall celebrate the gift and essence of Easter. Many towns, villages, and families will use the period to hold meetings to up the ante in their development index.

Luckily for us, all is coming on stream from a government that is bold in seeking solutions for the plethora of challenges facing our state. Take, for instance, the development model suitable for the state. It took into cognizance the small landmass of the state which is further threatened by erosion and flooding in arriving at s decision. It further considered local peculiarities and global trends and opted for the use of smart technologies to improve the quality of life of our people.

Now the administration. envisions a liveable and prosperous smart Megacity that will be holistic development. It was on this basis that the Anambra people overwhelmingly voted it to control the commanding heights of the machinery of governance. Within the first month of the life of the administration, it has shown a propensity for facing tough and daunting challenges. it is upgrading Okpoko and Onitsha and steadily unknotting the intricate security challenges in the state.

What however is certain is that in the next months or years, we will witness the footprints of The Solution across the length and breadth of the state, putting the smiles on the faces of those not smiling. Meanwhile, enjoy your Easter.

Be of good cheers

Joe C Anatune
Writes from Awa.

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